Kim Miller

    Louis the tibetan terrier after his haircut
    Louis after his first haircut.
    Emma and Penny
    Emma and Penny
    Betty the cat
    felix the cat
    Barney the cat
    Louis the tibetan terrier
    Barney the cat on the windowsill
    Barney on the Window ledge
Since childhood pets have always been in my life. My family are big dog lovers and for the last 20 years I have also owned cats. New to the family is our Tibetan Terrier Louis who is just as adorable as his older brother Barney the cat.

My previous employment has been in publishing, designing music, film and wildlife posters. In 2006 I decided to pursue my love for animals and started my own pet care business, London Pet Services. I have always loved and respected animals and enjoy their company. I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Shirley Wilson

Shirley, too, is a big animal lover who, when growing up, always wanted a dog of her own. She had to wait a while before she got her own two puppies, Chewie and Vader, but she has walked dogs her whole life borrowing them from friends and family. Her favourite holiday job during college was dog walking and house sitting for a friends two black labs when they went on holiday.
    Shirley with Chewie and Vader
    With Chewie and Vader
    Rieley resting
    Rieley in his favourite position
    Shirley with Sorcha
    With Sorcha
    Judy in the snow
    Judy in the snow.